Collection Strategies

Doctrine MongoDB ODM implements four different strategies for persisting changes to collections of embedded documents or references. These strategies apply to the following mapping types:

Internally, Doctrine tracks changes via the PersistentCollection class. The strategies described on this page are implemented by the CollectionPersister class.


The addToSet strategy uses MongoDB’s $addToSet operator to insert elements into the array. This strategy is useful for ensuring that duplicate values will not be inserted into the collection. Like the pushAll strategy, elements are inserted in a separate query after removing deleted elements.


The set strategy uses MongoDB’s $set operator to update the entire collection with a single update query.


Doctrine’s Collection interface is modeled after PHP’s associative arrays, so they cannot always be represented as a BSON array. If the collection’s keys are not sequential integers starting with zero, the set strategy will store the collection as a BSON object instead of an array. Use the setArray strategy if you want to ensure that the collection is always stored as a BSON array.


The setArray strategy uses MongoDB’s $set operator, just like the set strategy, but will first numerically reindex the collection to ensure that it is stored as a BSON array.


The pushAll strategy uses MongoDB’s $pushAll operator to insert elements into the array. MongoDB does not allow elements to be added and removed from an array in a single operation, so this strategy relies on multiple update queries to remove and insert elements (in that order).

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