Console CommandsΒΆ

Doctrine MongoDB ODM offers some console commands to ease your development process:

  • odm:clear-cache:metadata - Clear all metadata cache of the various cache drivers.
  • odm:query - Query mongodb and inspect the outputted results from your document classes.
  • odm:generate:documents - Generate document classes and method stubs from your mapping information.
  • odm:generate:hydrators - Generates hydrator classes for document classes.
  • odm:generate:proxies - Generates proxy classes for document classes.
  • odm:generate:repositories - Generate repository classes from your mapping information.
  • odm:schema:create - Allows you to create databases, collections and indexes for your documents
  • odm:schema:drop - Allows you to drop databases, collections and indexes for your documents

You can setup a console command easily with the following code. You just need an existing DocumentManager instance:


// mongodb.php

// ...

$helpers = array(
    'dm' => new Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Helper\DocumentManagerHelper($dm),

$helperSet = isset($helperSet) ? $helperSet : new \Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\HelperSet();
foreach ($helpers as $name => $helper) {
    $helperSet->set($helper, $name);

$cli = new \Symfony\Component\Console\Application('Doctrine ODM MongoDB Command Line Interface', Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Version::VERSION);
    new \Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Command\QueryCommand(),
    new \Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Command\GenerateDocumentsCommand(),
    new \Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Command\GenerateRepositoriesCommand(),
    new \Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Command\GenerateProxiesCommand(),
    new \Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Command\GenerateHydratorsCommand(),
    new \Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Command\ClearCache\MetadataCommand(),
    new \Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Command\Schema\CreateCommand(),
    new \Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Command\Schema\UpdateCommand(),
    new \Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Tools\Console\Command\Schema\DropCommand(),

Now you can run commands like the following:

$ php mongodb.php odm:query User “{ username : ‘jwage’ }”

The above would output the results from the query.

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